Nehemiah Christian Center

Rebuilding Broken Lives through our Witness, our Worship and the Word of God

Twenty-one years ago my wife and I stepped out in faith on a clear word from the Lord to birth a ministry in Durham, NC. Our desire was to develop a ministry for the total person that intentionally blended Pentecostal spiritual fervor along with definitive efforts of social justice.

Nehemiah Christian Center as seen today is the product of that obedient and faithful step. With the help of members, partners and friends like you we have been able to faithfully fulfill the charge that God has given to us.

As numerous and great as our accomplishments have been over these twenty years, the words of the Queen of Sheba ring true, “the half has not been told.” Truly the best IS yet to come. Thank you again for taking the time to visit our website. We are definitely a great church headed towards greatness!