Our Pastors

Dr. Herbert R. Davis - Senior Pastor

A native of Kalamazoo, Michigan, Dr. Davis currently resides in Durham, North Carolina with his family. He is the proud husband of First Lady Psiyina (Sigh-yee-nah) Davis, who serves alongside him as Pastor, and the proud father to four daughters.

Dr. Davis prepared himself before and during his time in ministry by furthering his education; he has recently completed his PhD in Leadership. Within his own denomination, the Church of God in Christ, Dr. Davis serves in several capacities: as the Chairman of Ordination (for the North Carolina 2nd Jurisdiction); as the District Superintendent of the Harvest District; as the President of the C.E. Anderson Institute of Ministry that prepares ministry candidates for ordination; and as the Establishmentarian and Overseer of the Harvest Covenant Fellowship. In July 2014, Dr. Davis was appointed by COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr. to the newly created Community and Economic Development Board. He was also recently named among the 100 Most Influential Pastors in the Church of God in Christ.

Dr. Davis is also very active in the community, as seen through his continual service and leadership on the boards of several organizations. As an educator, Dr. Davis has taught at the collegiate level at several area universities, bible colleges and seminaries. His latest academic accomplishments have been with Apex School of Theology (ASOT) where he has served as Professor, Undergraduate Dean and the Director of Teaching Sites. His education and experience serve him well in his current leadership position as the Executive Vice President of ASOT.

Dr. Davis is focused on making maximum kingdom impact throughout the central region of North Carolina. His biblically sound and thought-provoking preaching, combined with an anointed delivery, have paved the way for him to travel throughout North America.

Dr. Davis has been blessed with gifts, graces and information that he is mandated to share with the body of Christ. Inspired by this charge, he is able to transcend the vestiges of traditionalism to reach diverse audiences. He describes himself as “an interdenominational preacher” and an unwavering advocate of ecclesiastical harmony.


Evangelist Psiyina L. Davis - Pastor

Psiyina [sigh-YE-nuh] is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has a private practice. She assists individuals, couples, and families with achieving their mental health goals. She educates communities on the importance of maintaining psychological, physiological, and spiritual health by conducting workshops and seminars on soul-care and mental wellness.

Through obedience to God and leadership of her husband, Dr. Herbert R. Davis, they founded Nehemiah Christian Center (NCC) in January of 1996. She serves along side her husband (Senior Pastor) in a team leadership role at NCC as Pastor of Congregational Care (providing the congregation with spiritual and psychological support during times of life transitions, grief, and hospitalization). She is the Director of the Nehemiah Day Center (a partnership with Durham County to offer access to computers, restrooms, and a safe place out of the elements for community members at the church’s facility).

Psiyina is a native of Detroit, Michigan, and currently resides in Durham with her husband, and three of their four beautiful daughters: Keilah, Cierra, and Kylah.